Full Marketing Service

Full Service

We handle everything from website creation/ management, advertising, and more!

Revenue Share Pricing Structure

We will take 5% of the revenue generated from the website.

Low Upfront Cost

If you already have a store*. If we are creating your website, there will a small charge.

Services Offered

Website Creation – Management

Google Ads – Advertisement Creation/ Management

Facebook/ IG Ads Creation/ Management

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

Blog/ Article Content Writing

Content Writing – Product

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Affiliate Marketing

Link Building**

Marketing Creatives

Landing Page

Why You Should Choose Us?

You may be thinking “I already have an Amazon, Etsy, or (insert marketplace) store that does well. Why would I need a website? Let alone, why should I choose you out of all the other marketing agencies?”

Website - BingEcom Marketing

  1. Complete control over your listings/ website***
  2. Low upfront cost if existing store*. Small fee if brand new website
  3. No time and effort on your part to create/ manage the website
  4. Data driven
  5. You win, we win pricing structure. We will have extra vested interest to help you grow your website revenue. Others would charge a normal fee so they get paid regardless of performance.



  1. 15-18% referral fee depending on category
  2. Can have your listings removed at any time at their discretion
  3. Can have your account flagged and shut down at any time at their discretion
  4. Support to reenable your account/ listings can be abysmal


  1. $0.20 listing fee
  2. Can have your listings removed at any time at their discretion
  3. Can have your account flagged and shut down at any time at their discretion
  4. Lack of transparency for advertising (keywords/ performance/ etc)


We don’t use a traditional pricing structure with set prices and fees. We would charge 5% of the revenue generated from the website. There is a small minimum fee that we charge if the 5% of revenue doesn’t reach. We will handle everything from managing the website, Google Ads advertisements, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), setting up proper data tracking, monthly reports, and more!

However, if it’s a brand new store, we will charge a small fee to get started.

No, this package does not include any sign up, subscription to the CMS, and advertising costs. These fees get paid directly to different channels, such as Shopify, Google, Facebook, etc.

No, link building will be a separate cost, which will depend on your specific criteria. This is due to we have to source pages that will fit your business and pay them accordingly. All of our links will have a DA (domain authority) of at least 30.

In our initial consultation meeting, we’ll go over what to expect. Since we are full-fledged service, there is little-to-nothing you would need to do. For initial set up, you will need to fill out your payment information to the various services and we will need access to your marketplace to import your products. If you would like to utilize email marketing, we would need content but other than that, we’ll handle everything else.

We are all about data and transparency. Like we said before, we have a vested interest in your success. If you don’t win, we also don’t win. In the report, you can expect to see sales, which products are popular, which marketing strategy performed well, your audience’s demographics, and more!

Absolutely not. We will only take 5% of the revenue generated by the website. We won’t be managing those other marketplaces, those are yours to continue to grow! 🙂

* The existing store will have to meet certain criteria. You will still be responsible for CMS/ advertising/ etc costs as these fees are paid directly to different channels.
**Not included in the full service.
***This does mean you are able to break copyright/ trademark laws. You still have to abide by copyright/ trademark laws.