Marketing Creatives

$1,500.00 USD

Creative content creation is your marketing efforts’ bread and butter. Without catchy slogans, well-designed photos, memorable videos, and even easy-to-digest content, your campaigns will fall apart. Marketing creative materials are what draw in customers and audiences to consume your content and recognize your brand.

You might think content creation is easy with all the tools available online, but producing ones that work is a different thing. Zen Panda Marketing prides itself with a creative team that understands what your brand needs, what makes it unique and relatable, and how to communicate the following to your audience through visuals and written content. You won’t have to deal with hit and misses with your marketing campaigns.

Static Creatives

  • 4 ratios for each creative to make them fit multiple channels (1:1, 16:9, 9:16, 4:5)
  • Writing the ad-copy
  • The Expert will use a combination of the assets you provide as well as royalty-free stock images
  • What we need from you
    • Your brand book (if you have one one). If you don’t have a brand book the expert will ask you for your desired fonts and color pallet.
    • Your logo on a clear background – preferably both light and dark versions.
    • Licensed photos of your products – We do not offer product photoshoots at this time.
  • Timeline
    • 7 business days delivery
    • Revisions take 3 business days

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