Google Ads - Advertisement Creation/ Management

Monthly Budget

Drive quality traffic that will convert into sales and scale your business using paid advertising.

  • A marketing strategy based on research of your business and niche
  • Campaign set up and management
  • Unbiased monitoring of your KPI’s and campaign implementation
  • Relentless optimization of your campaigns and marketing budget
  • Includes Search and Shopping


  • Research
    • Research your competitors, relevant keywords for your niche, target audience, and review your account.
  • Set Up
    • Create campaigns, define ad groups, set up conversion tracking/ actions, setting up keywords based on the research, defining geo-targeting, setting up ads/ extensions, and help create your ad-copy.
  • Management/ Optimization
    • Define and create ad groups/ ad sets.
    • Optimize the ad copy.
    • Manage your keyword bids.
    • Define your ideal target audience.
    • Track your Pixel conversions.
    • A/B test different ads.
    • Account Structure/Restructure – Defining the campaigns/ ad groups and their logic.
    • Landing & Creatives Recommendations.

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